2 years jail sentence for criticizing Islam
Azar Majedi
Islamic state of Afghanistan has sentenced Ali Mohaqeq Nasab, executive manager of “Women’s Right” journal to two years imprisonment for criticizing Islam. This is an outrageous trial, an outright violation of freedom of speech and women’s rights.

People of Afghanistan have been victimized and terrorized by political Islam for over two decades. The fall of Taliban brought some hopes to women and to freedom loving people that atrocities committed daily by these religious thugs will be stopped and people will enjoy freedom and women could throw their veils and participate in social life. This hope was soon shattered, by the plans of the US and the West to help bring another Islamic-tribal government into power. The formation of a new Islamic state, with the tribal constitution assembly, were opposed by libertarian, and progressive organizations. Objections were dismissed, and atrocities, violation of women’s rights, kidnapping and raping of women and young girls, violation of human rights, and basic civil liberties continued.

This sentence must be condemned by all women’s right activists, freedom loving people, humanitarian organizations and secularists. We should fight against political Islam in any corner of the world. We stopped Sharia courts in Canada; we should topple the Islamic states in the Middle East.

Azar Majedi
Chair of Organisation for Women’s Liberation