Noble Peace Committee has come to save Islam!
Azar Majedi

Has the Noble Peace Committee presented the peace prize to Mrs Shirin Ebadi, in order to strengthen women’s freedom movement in Iran? Our answer to this question is No. We base our answer on the explanations given by the Noble Peace Committee and the grounds being prepared by the international mass media to engineer public opinion. According to the Noble Peace Committee, the prize has been presented to “a Muslim woman” who believes Islam has no contradictions with human rights. The word “Muslim” itself is sufficient to disclose the aims, intentions and the policies behind this decision.

The word “Muslim” is sufficient to say to the women’s freedom movement in Iran that the prize is not intended for you. In other words, the message to women’s freedom movement in Iran is that you risked torture, slash, imprisonment when you threw away and burned the veil; bravely broke through sexual apartheid with your own efforts and together with men protested against Islamic laws, but you do not deserve admiration or appreciation.

The word “Muslim” and the explanation following it, is sufficient to tell the people in Islam stricken countries who have tackled the reactionary movement of political Islam on a daily basis, to tell the women who have experienced the political Islam’s lashes and non-existence of rights, that their struggle against political Islam is not approved by the Noble Peace prize Committee and the policy makers of this organisation. This year’s Peace Prize and the reasons for it as stated, are providing a means by which an atmosphere is being made whereby the so-called “the reformist” movement is revived. An attempt, which gives a new life to the already weakened Islamic Republic, and hence prevents the escalation of freedom movement against Islam and Islamic movement.

This prize and event not only does not advance women’s movement for freedom, but if not met with our focused and co-ordinated efforts to disclose political Islam and the aims of the noble Peace Prize Committee, will itself turn into an obstacle on the path of women’s movement for freedom.

The general perception is that presenting the Noble Peace Prize to Mrs Ebadi for her activities in defence of women’s and children’s rights will ease the situation towards gaining women’s rights in Iran and in other Islamic stricken countries. This could have happened if the cameras were zoomed on the hard situation of women in Iran and other countries; or if the opportunity was taken to brutally criticize Political Islam and the non-existence of rights imposed on women in these countries. However, this was not the case. Not only such criticism was not made, praises of Islam were made in abundance. People everywhere were bombarded by the message that there is no contradiction between Islam and human rights. This is a blatant lie, which is being spread through out the world.

It is our duty to reveal this lie, to disclose the aims and the political-diplomatic intentions behind this decision. Any such right wing propaganda, which is being made in defence of Islamic republic, is uncovered by the Organization of Women’s Liberation. We strive to use this situation in defence of women’s demands in their movement for freedom, and disclose and isolate political Islam.

Long Live Freedom and Equality
Organisation of Women’s Liberation