Iran: Nazanin Fatehi Acquitted
Mina Ahadi
According to information received by the International Committee Against Execution, the charges against Nazanin Fatehi, the teenager under a sentence of death in Iran, have been dropped. She will probably be released from jail next week. Earlier today, the court sitting in Tehran decided on Nazanin’s case and told the defence lawyers that she would not have to face execution but has to pay financial compensation before she is released.

The defence lawyers are planning to oppose the compensation ruling and are demanding that she be released immediately on bail.

The Save Nazanin Campaign will follow Nazanin's case and keep the public and the press informed of her situation.

The International Committee Against Execution congratulates all those who have helped and supported the campaign to save Nazanin's life.

This is a victory for humanity and against ignorance and laws of retribution.

Mina Ahadi


International Committee Against Execution